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Perth Sand Supplies

Perth Sand Supplies produces a complete range of sand products for the Housing, Commercial and Private Industries. We also sell direct to the Public and Owner Builders.
Civil Works
Perth Sand Supplies can supply and deliver (in large or small truck-combinations) clean and decease free sands.
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Private housing developments to create sand pads, that is to construct a level stable safe sand platform to begin to construct a concrete raft floor.
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Our Sand Products

All Products are delivered, or “pick up” by your own transport Expit.
  • Nursery Sand

    This sand is used extensively throughout the nursey industry in WA It is a well balanced mix of sand particles ranging from 0 up to 4mm The sand is very angular which allows very good moisture penetration.

  • Pool Filter Sand

    PSS Pool Filter Sand is triple washed which makes it one of the cleanest on the market Available in one ton bulka bags or in 20kg bags it is a very popular around the state due to its fraction size.

  • House Pad Sand

    One of our most popular sands. Used in applications where cheap general fill isn’t an option. Contaminate free with a great cross section of particle sizes it achieves great compaction.

  • Washed Plasterers Sand

    Another new sand to PSS. Our washed plasterers sand makes a great creamy mud which cuts the work load in half when trowelling all day.

  • Screened Fill Sand

    Available in white and yellow this sand is used extensively in a wide range of Domestic and Commercial applications. Renowned for its cleanliness it is very popluar on commercial building sites.

  • Drill Pack Sand

    PSS drill pack sand is popular with the drilling companies that operate on the Perth Coastal Plain There are two sizes of Drill Pack Sand supplied, they are 1.6mm – 3.5mm 3.5mm – 6.0mm.

  • Washed Concrete Sand

    One of the newest sands to the PSS range, This is a washed, agitated sand of premium quality Use less Cement when using premium washed Concrete Sand.

  • Fine Silica Sand

    Imported from one of our other Sand Quarries this beautiful sand has endless uses. Used in tiling and fine paving it has a real white brightness.

  • Horse Arena Sand

    Another one of PSS’s most popular sands.¬†This sand in available in white, pink and brown. Due to its cleanliness and sharpness it goes great in any horse arena, stable application.

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